With 300 million users and over 70 million photos and videos posted daily, users scroll through their Instagram feeds to find images ranging from celebrities on the red carpet, cringe worthy #TBT moments, a meal from the newest restaurant in town, vacation views and more.

And now, thanks to Instagram’s latest update, you’ll be able to see photos and videos of events, hashtags and places trending near you. Through geotargeting, the new feature tailors content to the user’s location and allows them to search trending tags, discover new people and explore other curated content based on individual interests and posts – all in real time.

While Instagram is openly calling it a way to beat Twitter at their own game, it is more obviously a way of solidifying control of the “you wish you were here” niche social media market. Twitter reigns supreme in the concise immediate updates but now Instagram can prove that even with current events or trending topics, let’s face it – pictures or it didn’t happen. And it can’t be just any ol’ picture. Make sure you crop accordingly, tag your location and of course, the ever important filter choice (all hail Valencia).

As the Instagram user base continues to grow, this latest update will only streamline and simplify the experience and continue to be an efficient real time provider of visual content.