I’m a huge sports fan. Not only do I like watching sports, I love the marketing of sports. So, March is a great month for me. Not only is it my birthday month, it’s the month of March Madness! And, what’s the most popular thing about March Madness, yep, the bracket. Much like fantasy football, there are thousands of brackets filled out and bets made on who can deliver the “best” bracket.  This year the bracket received even more play with Warren Buffet offering a billion for the perfect bracket.

Amazingly enough, after three rounds, there are no more perfect brackets from those that entered, I’m shocked! So I started wondering if there was such a thing. In my search I came across this interesting infographic on Mashable. It seems as if the perfect bracket is something that we all crave but are highly unlikely to ever achieve. I was shocked at the odds and the odds of the perfect bracket.