I love movies and I love infographics. So when I ran across this article on the Fast Company site, I was highly entertained. It was a good reminder of how the greatest ideas can often be ascertained by understanding if you can put them in a single visual and communicate them. And it is a movie puzzle that every fan can love.

Here’s how it works.  In celebration of Oscar extravaganza, a graphics company called Beutler Ink, has created an infographic for every “Best Picture” winner since the Oscars began 86 years ago.  The idea is for you to use the icons to see how many of the movies you recognize by the visual symbols Beutler has created.

This means that while you are enjoying the Oscars this coming Sunday, you might also create your own nominations for best movie based on how memorable, recognizable or compelling the ideas for the movies were based on the infographic they inspired.

Some of the images are truly iconic–the blue-and-white face paint of William Wallace’s army in Braveheart, the torch of Chariots of Fire, the floofy hat of My Fair Lady–which serves as a reminder of how lasting certain images are. Others, not so much.

Break out the popcorn and have a little fun walking down movie memory lane.  I did.

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