Just like in any business, in agency life, we focus on our customers, they pay for us to keep the doors open. We work hard every day to provide them with the best service, no exceptions. We are constantly saying, “If you were the client, how would you feel about (you fill in the blank).” We spend sleepless nights worrying about having the tough conversation, finding the solution to their challenge, or wondering what their reaction will be to what we’re presenting.

Because we’re so focused on making sure our external clients are happy, we forget that we also have internal customers that essentially have the same needs and expectations as our external clients. However, we take our internal customers for granted most of the time.

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The reason we take them for granted all about choice. Knowing our external customers have choice is what drives most of this thought process. We know our external clients can fire us and take their business elsewhere, while the internal customer can’t fire the department or person that is not delivering the expected level of service. So here’s an interesting thought:

What if your internal customers had the choice of doing business with you? Would you be their vendor of choice?

Understanding the direct correlation between internal customer service and how it affects the service externally is vital to a company’s success. A company’s internal customer service creates the culture of an organization, and that culture dictates how employees think about providing customer service to their clients. So, it’s much like the old saying, “you have to love yourself before others will love you.”