Cannes is not only the place to see and be seen in the feature film industry, it’s also home to the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for the creative industry. I went to this year’s festival, and this is my report back. Actually, no, that didn’t happen, but I did check out the winners of what the judges deemed “The Best TV Commercials of 2012-2013.” It was an interesting list from around the world and the usual mix of comedy, poignance and the bizarre. I’ve picked out three of my favorites from the winners’ group for your enjoyment. I left out my favorite spot of the year, Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” because I can almost guarantee you’ve seen it.

This is a spot from BBDO in Berlin to advertise the Smart Car. It’s a car with personality. It’s a car with a purpose. And BBDO chose to underline that purpose by showing some examples of what the Smart Car was not made to do.

This Carlton Draught spot (also from BBDO) makes me smile every time. It’s got a story that sucks you in immediately, and then runs through all the cliches of a classic car chase – without the cars. Brilliantly conceived, brilliantly shot.

This Channel 4 promotion of their coverage of the 2012 Paralympic Games struck a chord with me because of our work with No Barriers, a non-profit centered around helping the disabled dig deep and find greatness within. The music and the editing are masterful, and they work together with the visuals to say. Don’t feel sorry for us, admire us. We are powerful. We are superhuman. That’s a concept that gets your blood flowing!