Just two of the three monitors I use to manage communities. And me petting a snake, because you never know what you will encounter in advertising.

Just as a teacher requires textbooks, extra pencils and comfortable shoes, you’ll find that a community manager requires certain tangible items to do their job efficiently, comfortably and successfully as well. Going on two years in the “social biz,” I’ve found the below list of items crucial to being a good community manager.

The Right Tools.   This one is crucial, which is why it is listed first.  To survive as a community manager, one must be supplied with the right tools to socialize effectively.  Arm yourself with the right sites, apps, platforms and tools to simply make your job easier and to save yourself from a social disaster.  A few that rest dear to my heart: my camera (of course), Facebook Pages App, Echofon for Twitter App, Hootsuite.com and ShortStack.  Each allows you to manage multiple accounts from one app or website and come packaged with notifications, your best friend.

A Short Attention Span. You’re likely thinking “HUH?” As an ever-changing, constantly-updating, multi-media digital universe, a short attention span is a plus for a community manager.  If you’re someone who is easily entertained by one thing for hours on hours on hours, then you likely won’t survive (or keep up) as a community manager.

At least two monitors.   One for email. One for monitoring conversations and channels. And if you’re like me, another one for everything else.

A Buffet of Browsers.  You’ll quickly learn that some browsers are better suited for certain social channels. For example, I’ve found that Facebook renders and responds better in Google Chrome than IE. Reason numero two for multiple browsers: Google. If you ever have to deal with multiple Google accounts simultaneously, your life will be much easier with multiple browsers.

Tape. Or depending on your wall material, you might be better suited with thumbtacks, staples or magnets. Whatever you need to mount important lists, calendars, and notes right in front of your face, you’ll need plenty of it (or them). Juggling multiple clients with multiple calendars for multiple channels, it’s very easy for things to “slip between the cracks.” There shouldn’t be cracks on your wall so these important to-do’s is a good place for them.

A notepad on your nightstand.  Say goodbye to a sound night of sleep and hello to waking up in the middle of the night with bright ideas. While we all love sleep, this new interruption of your sleep will be well worth it.