We launched this blog in July 2012 and have covered a variety of topics by our Stone Ward contributors in that time. If you just recently discovered our Waiting for the Elevator blog (the name originated from the interesting conversations we have while waiting on the very slow elevators in both our Little Rock and Chicago offices), you might want to start by exploring the top 10 blog posts (according to pageviews) from 2012:

  1. Which Way Do You Skeu? by Kyle Floyd
  2. Finding Creative Inspiration by Chris Kindrick
  3. Book Review Discussion: The Tasti D-Lite Way by Evan Daugherty
  4. Building Good: A Service Project Experience by Yana-Janell Scott
  5. All I Know About Marketing is What I Learned in Kindergarten by Millie Ward
  6. The Art of Simplicity by Kyle Floyd
  7. The Secrets Behind Apple’s Retail Success by Spencer Griffith
  8. WebGL and Data Visualization by Paul Suda
  9. Responsive Web Design by Kyle Floyd
  10. Building a Fan Base the New Fashioned Way by Tom Lillig

We look forward to a full year of blogging in 2013 with more staff contributors joining to talk about topics that interest them. Thank you for reading!