Does online display advertising drive search traffic and results?  I believe it does and I have for some time now.  I’ve seen the combination work many times for Stone Ward clients.  Pre-target, an ad targeting software company,  agrees and has pulled together a simple yet educational infographic on the subject.  This infographic shows that display and search are not as far apart as some advertisers think.  It also shows how display ads aren’t always given credit for the work they do to increase the number and quality of online searches, therefore increasing traffic and conversions.   I found this infographic a couple of months ago in two separate articles online, one on Search Engine Journal and one on Adotas.  Of course, it can also be found on Pretarget’s website.

Check out these articles from Search Engine Journal and Adotas where you can find your own copy of the infographic.

Infographic source:  Yahoo Search & Display, Atlas Digital Marketing Insight and Specific Media.