”Beautiful design is a key part of online business in this era, which has resulted in more images and video all across the Web.” – Source


  • Facebook purchased Instagram earlier this year for $1 billion. Source.
  • 300  million photos are uploaded per day to Facebook. Source.
  • Pinterest, where images take center stage, users spend an average of 98 minutes per month on the site. Source.
  • Tens of millions of people now carry a high quality digital camera around with them everyday, in the form of smartphones like iPhone and Android devices. That’s led to a huge increase in online photographs: almost one-third of all photos posted online are taken with smart phones. Source.
  • The Apple iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr for images. Source.
  • By 2015, video traffic will more than quadruple, and the Internet will be two-thirds made up of video. Source.

The “visual web” is continuing to grow, that growth is accelerating and mobile is the key driver.

As brands and brand marketers, how can we capitalize on these trends and give consumers what they want?

  • Think about the aesthetics of everything we do and how it is presented to our consumers. Do we have settings or situations that warrant taking a photo or shooting a video? Can we do more encourage photo and video taking and sharing when consumers are interacting with our brands?
  • What images and videos are we sharing for ourselves? Are they relevant, interesting and beautiful?
  • Are we sharing our images and videos in the places that our consumers will actually see them? Are those images relevant to the context of those locations? What can we do to make them more relevant to the target audiences and the channels where we share them?
  • Are we making our images and videos easy to share and encouraging that sharing?

Using creativity and innovative thinking, brands have the opportunity to shine with this trend of the visual web.