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Keeping the #1 Tool Brand in the World Rolling for More Than a Decade

A client for more than 15 years, we play a very specific role for the Snap-on Tools franchise system as their Franchise AOR. Over the years the brand has emerged as the market leader in professional tools. Our recruitment efforts–creative and media–have to be strategic and laser-focused to help keep the available routes filled with qualified franchisees and the traveling Snap-on tool stores on the road.

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Finding the Needles in the Haystack

The strategy in our most recent campaign focused on putting our message in front of those people who know the Snap-on Tools brand and recognize the iconic truck, but who don’t know it’s a business they can own.

Putting “Own It” Front and Center

If we want our highly-targeted prospects to know that Snap-on is a franchise they can own, then why not leverage that? Working together with our client, we developed the “Own It” campaign. A key element in this campaign included an iconic stamp, emblazoned on the truck and other targeted media channels to bring the message home.

Snap-on Own It logo
Snap-on Own It Brochure Cover
Snap-on Own It Brochure
Snap-on Own It Brochure Interior
Snap-on Own It Brochure
Snap-on Funny Car Design
Snap-on Funny Car Design
Snap-on Own It Print Ads

Snap-on Own It Print Ads

Sharing What It’s Like to Own It

To show prospects first-hand exactly what it’s like to own a Snap-on franchise, we developed numerous Day in the Life videos delivered by folks like them who had already made the leap to ownership.

Using Data to Get the Results

By using the data we collect together to define, model and refine the ideal franchisee target, we can connect with them via precise creative, PR and cross-channel media strategies.

The result? Twelve years of success in filling specific hard to fill routes. And, as importantly, owner satisfaction, with Snap-on being recognized by Franchise Business Review as a leading franchisor in franchisee satisfaction as well as other major trade and business publications.

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We provide these services for Snap-on on an ongoing basis:

  • Strategy
  • Media
  • Brand
  • Public Relations
  • Digital