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Who Am I?

Favorite book: 

Well, this is an impossible question to answer sense I’m building a small library; however, a favorite book of mine would be Their Eyes Were Watching God. 

Favorite movie: 

Scary Movie 3. I know – this alludes to my wacky sense of humor.

Favorite piece of music: 

I have a fluid taste in music so there’s no way I can choose one exclusive piece. 

Last meal: 

My mom’s green’s, my aunt’s dressing and lots and lots of cake (sheet cake, tiered cake, cupcakes, etc.)

If I learned one thing: 

Never sacrifice yourself as an individual or your passion to make someone else happy. 

First job: 

A library! Which is a dream job for any voracious reader. 

Very few people know: 

I have a fascination with words and hope to have an extensive lexicon. 


I’m a bit of a real-world purist; I prefer to stay in tune with the living world outside of a screen. With that being said, I can pretty much survive without any of the slew of sites on the world wide web.

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