My favorite book, movie, and piece of music:

Favorite books/movies: the Harry Potter series — went to see each of them at the midnight screenings adorned in Gryffindor red and yellow. As for music, I'm unashamed to admit that I adore Taylor Swift.

My last meal would be:

Steak, my mom's hashbrown casserole, and a piece of strawberry cheesecake.

If I've learned one thing it is:

Everything happens for a reason.

The three people at your dream dinner would be:

Admittedly my husband and my parents are the most inspirational people I know, so my dream dinner happens pretty often!

Favorite thing at an amusement park:

I love amusement park food — give me a turkey leg and a funnel cake!

The historical figure I most admire is:

The people (past & present) I most admire are those that protect our country's freedom.

Web site I cannot live without: