John Rogers

Chief Financial Officer

Blending equal parts pragmatism and insight, John helped lead TCBY to national prominence through the 80s, where he served as senior vice president, chief information officer and assistant treasurer, before joining Stone Ward in 2000. Since then, John has provided a soft-spoken guidance and wisdom to the Stone Ward clients and staff. He serves as a member of the AAAA’s agency finance committee and has been a speaker and a panelist on both AAAA’s and AMIN agency conferences.

Latest Blog Posts

Who Am I?

The best advice I ever received was:


My favorite thing at home is:

My leather recliner

The historical figure I admire is:

John Rogers, the first martyr burned at the stake by Queen Mary. He worked with Tindale and Coverdale by editing and publishing one of the first complete English bibles, “Mathew’s Bible” in 1537.

My pet peeves are:

People (including myself) who often speak before listening.

If I’ve learned one thing it is:

That I only really “know” about half of what I think I “know”

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