Brett Parker

Director of Media and Digital Services

With nearly 10 years of advertising and public relations experience, Brett Parker began his career at Stone Ward in 2009. He started at the agency as an intern in the media department while he was in college, and then was hired as a media buyer and planner. Over the course of his time at Stone Ward, Brett has brought strategic thinking, attention to detail and leadership to the media department. Brett brings a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Arkansas. During his time at Stone Ward, he has continued his learning with certifications in Google AdWords, Facebook BluePrint and Google Partners. He also serves on the AMIN Media Leaders Group. As the Director of Media Services, Brett leads our traditional and digital media initiatives and ensures that our clients receive the best possible rates, efficiency and return on investment. In addition to Brett’s sharp intellect, he is always up for a good laugh.

Latest Blog Posts

Who Am I?

The best advice I ever received was:
You’re right not because others agree with you, but because your facts are right.

Very few people know I:
Am training to be the next Iron Chef.

First Concert Attended:
Blink 182, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World; a trio of young punk awesomeness.

My last meal would be..:
Double-batch of Great Value Macaroni and Cheese with no milk, triple-butter, covered with Louisiana Hot Sauce.

If I’ve learned one thing it is:
Life works itself out no matter the situation.

My first car:
94’ Ford Explorer Sport. I would replace the word car with “thing you drove around that stalled at every red light that would make horrific noises as you passed oncoming traffic.”

My First Beer:
The Silver Bullet.

Website I cannot live without:

The historical figure I most admire is:
Leonardo da Vinci

My favorite book, movie or piece of music:

Movie: Requiem for A Dream.

Favorite thing at an amusement park:
Nothing better than the smell of hot grease simmering through a brisk October day

First Job:
A bagger at Albertsons Grocery Store. I perfected the art of the “bread over the carton of eggs trick.”

Three people at my dream dinner would be:
Jesus Christ, Tyler Florence and Jim Carrey. I would have all my questions answered while eating a great dinner and laughing all the way through.

My favorite thing at home is:
My favorite thing at home: 8-Burner Weber Grill that turns any cut of meat into heaven on a hot-buttery-plate.

My mentor is:
Some call her Superwoman, I call her Mom.

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