Building Good Application

What is Building Good?

When you transform your talent and time into generosity, you are Building Good. At Stone Ward, we endeavor to aid special builders of good with our abilities and resources. As individuals, there is so much we can do. United, there's nothing we can't do.

The Deal

The staff at Stone Ward will carefully select five organizations or projects that epitomizes what it means to Build Good from a compilation of video submissions. Best of all, the top five nominees will be voted on by the fans and followers of Stone Ward's social media networks. That means if you are a nominee, you can share the voting posts with your fans and followers and encourage them to vote for you. The winner will receive $5,000 and special recognition by Stone Ward for their amazing accomplishments.

Become a Nominee

How are you Building Good? We want to know. Tell us your plans by submitting your Building Good Blueprint.

Video Submission Requirements

  • Briefly explain your organization/mission.
  • Describe the need your organization fulfills to the community. 
  • Describe how the Building Good Award will be used.

The video should be no longer than three minutes long. If there are additional materials you feel are pertinent to the nomination, please email those to