Media Planner/Buyer

Who You Are

As a Media Planner/Buyer, you have a strong track record of crafting strategic media plans backed by big ideas, cultural trends, and data insights. You have an innate desire to understand the complete customer journey and seek to connect all touchpoints with innovative media solutions. You are fluent in media of today and are wildly curious for ones arriving tomorrow. When it comes to digital media, you are a natural and fully embrace its ever-changing environment. You have “hands on keyboard” experience with notable platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and maybe even some programmatic DSP sprinkled in. You are in the “know” with terms like ROAs, Cost-Per Result, and understand the importance that digital attribution can have on a campaign. You are an analytical thinker who possesses clear vision and turn complex data into clear understanding.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analyze research to provide strategic, consumer insights-driven recommendations.
  • Develop innovative media strategies with a complete understanding of traditional and digital ecosystems: how consumers use each platform and how brands can participate authentically.
  • Formulate, write, and present media recommendations as part of an integrated strategy to clients and internal teams.
  • Provide transparent media stewardship including on-going campaign optimizations, billing and budget reconciliation, and campaign troubleshooting for assigned accounts.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2+ years media planning/buying experience (agency experience a plus)
  • 2+ years digital hands-on keyboard experience (Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram Shop, DSP, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of all media types with heavy emphasis in digital media, media planning fundamentals, media math (GRPS, CPP, CPM, ROAS, etc.), target audience development, and creating and optimizing towards media goals.
  • Strong understanding of tracking, attribution, and analytical strategies.
  • Moderate to advanced mathematical abilities.
  • Moderate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Media planning/buying software experience a plus (Advantage, Strata, etc.)
  • Media research software experience a plus (MRI-Simmons, Scarborough, KANTAR, etc.)

Who We Are

Stone Ward is a full-service advertising agency with offices in Little Rock and Chicago and 35-years of experience. Stone Ward is a recognized leader in innovative marketing solutions throughout the region with dedicated teams devoted to strategy, creative, digital, media, video production, client services, and public relations.

Building Good

When it comes to agency life, we tend to think we are the best. Stone Ward has been named “Best Places to Work” by numerous sources including Inc. Magazine and while we cannot fit all the perks on this sheet, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Hybrid remote/in-office work experience.
  • 100% Employer-Paid Health Insurance.
  • 6-weeks of PTO for the primary caregiver following the birth or adoption of a child and one week of PTO for the non-primary caregiver.
  • Generous Time Off – In addition to accrued vacation time, we close the office between Christmas and New Year’s and several other holidays (paid time), and offer “Fourth Fridays,” in which the office closes at 2 p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month.
  • Extra Vacations – After 10 years with the agency, team members get one extra week of paid vacation and $2,500 to use for traveling to a choice destination.

If you want to start Building Good and love all things Media, this is the career for you.

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