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"Always be a student." It’s the principle that keeps us relevant in a constantly evolving community. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being ardent pupils of the industry, freely sharing what we’ve learned so that we can all work smarter.

Our Principles of Digital Planning

by Emily Reeves

Our Stone Ward Principles of Digital Planning.

You can download a copy of the poster here:

Watch Me Re-Design a Book Cover

by Kyle Floyd

Today I wanted to show you how I approach a design project, in this case re-designing some of my favorite book covers to appeal to a different audience.

Leveraging Internet Memes

by Emily Reeves

We’ve all seen and laughed at internet memes, though we may not have realized that’s what they were at the time.

Did Twitter Win the Presidential Debate?

by Emily Reeves

In 2008, one in four Americans got their news online. Today, 82% of Americans get their news online.

In 2008, Twitter had 3.4 million users. Today, Twitter has 28 million users.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

by Emily Reeves

Statistically speaking, the likelihood of your website being mobile-friendly is very slim. When browsing from a mobile device, 96-percent of consumers say they’ve encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices. The reported stats vary, but 60-80% of brands don’t have a mobile-optimized website.

Beyond Photo Sharing: Instagram as a Social Network

by Emily Reeves

This week, Instagram’s daily users number surpassed Twitter’s daily users numbers. That is huge. We think of Twitter as ubiquitous at this point: even my grandmother knows what it is (mostly because the news channel that she watches 24/7 talks about Twitter all the time).