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Stone Ward Monthly Insights: Top 5 Nielsen Media Trends

by Brett Parker

Learn the top 5 Nielsen media facts that you need to know in 2019. Our Director of Media Services, Brett Parker, shares his findings!

Analytics 101: How to Use Data to Make Better Decisions

by Stone Ward Staff

There’s no denying it — we have access to more data at our fingertips right now than at any other time in history. It seems like every day there are new breakthroughs and new platforms that allow us to store, sort, spin, and visualize all of this data. As a business owner, you’re able to track and measure every interaction that a potential customer has with your brand. I’m not just talking about in-store transactions, either.

To Test Creative Or Not?

by Stone Ward Staff

Within the walls of an advertising agency, the line between those who support focus group research of advertising and those who do not is very defined. You are on one side or the other, there is no “maybe.”

Those who are “for” creative testing say: