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Five Tips on How to Interview Someone On Camera

by Katy Bartlett

In my time with Stone Ward and 360 Filmworks, I’ve had the pleasure of conducting on camera interviews with a variety of people for long and short videos. I’ve spoken with members of state agencies, business leaders, sales and service professionals, surgeons, teenagers, senior citizens and even convicted felons serving life sentences in prison.

Ads Of The Absurd

by Stone Ward Staff

You have to do what you can in the advertising industry to make your idea or commercial standout. Now with content curators like YouTube and Vine, there are millions of videos out there begging for your attention. A new trend in commercials is to see which campaigns can be the most absurd, the most outlandish, by breaking conventions and frankly sometimes not making any sense at all.

Championing The Building Good Philosophy

by Tommy Walker

Toys donated by Stone Ward last year for The Cayce Charities, an organization that distributes items throughout the year to struggling families in Thornton,

Broadcast Budgets: How To Keep Them Under Control

by Tommy Walker

There are many factors that can drive up your broadcast production costs. In this podcast, I talk about talent, location, crew, and music as the main drivers of budget.

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The 48-Hour Film Festival Experience

by Stone Ward Staff

Shooting Video While Driving

by Tommy Walker

Have you ever wondered how the filmmakers get the driving shot(s) on a film or video? The filmmakers actually use equipment called a hostess tray (car side mount), and a hood mount for the front hood of the vehicle. I have had many opportunities working as a key grip on feature films, music videos, etc. to use car mounts and rig cameras on automobiles, motorcycles, and boats.

Cranes vs. Copters

by Tommy Walker

In my former life as a dolly grip, crane operator and camera technician in the motion picture business I gained an appreciation for innovative and unique camera shots to assist in telling a story. Now, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools that can add to a commercial production or video.

Know Your Production Crew

by Tommy Walker

Tommy D. Walker (dolly grip), Daryn Okada (Director of Photography), Sean Bean (Actor)

Can I Have Award with You?

by Stone Ward Staff

I am obsessed with all things film and TV. That roughly translates to I have the three-DVD option on Netflix. So catching all the Oscar nominations before the ceremony in February each year becomes a fun little quest for me. Five or six years ago this was a pretty tough task with only one halfway decent independent art-house theater in my town.

One Bag for an Unknown Production

by Stone Ward Staff

by Dustin Jones

Dustin and his backpack.

Broadcast Production: Safety is No Accident

by Tommy Walker


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With all the moving parts, people and equipment on a production set, staying safe is extremely important. Today I talked to Emily about some of the safety standards on a broadcast production set. Listen to our discussion below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.