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U.S. Soccer and Stone Ward Create Gold-Medal Social Media Graphics

by Tom Lillig

This month, while the world turns its attention to the big games, the Stone Ward team turns its focus to supporting client U.S. Soccer as the Women’s National Team seeks to make history in Brazil. The Stone Ward Chicago team will be creating social media content and graphics throughout the entire month to engage and excite the millions of social media fans of U.S. Soccer across the country.

How I Chose My First DSLR Camera

by Emily Reeves

I have this strange obsession with cameras: I love them and think I need one of everything. But I am not a photographer. I just love taking pictures and have become the “historian” for family and friend events: everyone knows I will take a ton of pictures to document all our experiences. I also have a love for and fascination with all things technology, and cameras are technology-packed.

Jasmine Star, Entrepreneur & Industry Changer

by BJ Matthews

If there’s one thing I’ve learned at my time here at Stone Ward, it’s to give credit where credit is due. With the recent induction of our very own Millie Ward into the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame, we’re taking time each month to appreciate the entrepreneurs that surround and inspire us - both nationally and locally.

One Bag for an Unknown Production

by Guest Contributor

by Dustin Jones

Dustin and his backpack.

Are You a “Reader”?

by Guest Contributor

by Lindsey Ingram

I’m so envious of people who love to read; who have physical and digital libraries full of books they’ve read and can brag about recite in conversation with other readers. But, in my 30+ years of life, I’ve come to accept that reading is just not one of my strengths.

Sharing Beautiful Images

by Emily Reeves

 ”Beautiful design is a key part of online business in this era, which has resulted in more images and video all across the Web.” Source