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Inspiration from Elsewhere II

by Kyle Floyd

Back away from your desk. Slowly…..back….away. It’s time for a second installment of “Inspiration from Elsewhere,” my own little way of:

a) Inspiring you to think differently

b) Justifying my time spend surfing the web

Preaching the Gospel of Hipster BBQ

by Stone Ward Staff

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Building a Spotify Playlist Can Make Your Brand Rock

by Kyle Floyd

Music makes our lives so much richer, doesn’t it? Such a powerful art form, music is inseparable from our social fabric, and has been from the beginning of human existence. We use it to enjoy life. To create a mood or alter one. To woo or to break-up. To persuade or to protest.

Learning How To “Live Loud”

by Millie Ward

Imagine a week on a very nice cruise boat in the Caribbean Sea where every day there are at least 25 or so live musical performances from your favorite artists who not only give out masterful performances but mingle with the fans before and afterward like they were your next door neighbor.  Imagine these favorite artists collaborating to create super jam sessions where guitars, pianos, mouth harps, drums, fiddles, saxophones and more come toge

Frictionless Facebook Sharing: The Good & Bad

by Stone Ward Staff

Unless you were under a rock this week, you definitely heard that Apple announced its latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. Most of the design updates and functionality additions were revealed as predicted. One of these functionality additions was the integration of frictionless Facebook sharing into phone activities.

Picking a Playlist: Using Music to Enhance a Brand Message

by Kyle Floyd

In our inaugural podcast, Kyle Floyd, Associate Creative Director, talks to Emily Reeves about the power of music in creative communications. We listen to some samples of music and talk about their implications for the message.