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Digital Strategy, Pokemon GO and... Fashionistas?

by Stone Ward Staff

Have you ever decided what to wear the day before you wear it? Well, companies do that too.

Days (and sometimes even months) ahead of time companies and their agencies go back and forth on what Facebook fedora is appropriate for May, what Pinterest pantoloons to wear in January, what Twitter tweed tie is just right for July. More than you know, social media is about planning ahead, building a schedule and keeping it.

Pokemon GO Glossary & Tips for Business

by Stone Ward Staff

Were you caught up on language like PokeStop? Check out our index of Pokemon Go terms, where you can learn how to use Incense and Lures to improve your business: 

Serving Up a New

by Stone Ward Staff

With a 50-year anniversary on the horizon and posting 25 consecutive positive quarters for same store sales, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken shows no signs of slowing down. As Lees’ agency of record for six years, Stone Ward has no plans of slowing down, either.

Social Success Just One Micro-Moment Away

by Stone Ward Staff

If you were to conduct a Google search for “2016 social media predictions,” you would see slight differences of opinion from source to source. However, there’s one trend with which everyone agrees: video will continue to dominate the social space in 2016 and beyond.

Preaching the Gospel of Google for iPhone

by Stone Ward Staff

I’ve always been an Apple person. iPod, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, the works. But lately I’ve been using more and more Google products. Maybe it’s the hipster in me. Maybe it’s the fact that all my friends who work at tech companies swear by Android and I wish I was cool enough to understand an interface that didn’t wiggle or come in neat little rounded boxes (cue Little Boxes song).

Embrace Vertical Video

by Stone Ward Staff

“Vertical video” is video taken with a mobile phone in portrait view. It may look great when viewed back on the phone, but viewing it on any other device is just disappointing.

SXSW 2015: The Rise of the GIF, the Strategy of BuzzFeed

by Kyle Floyd

Before giving you a recap of two of the sessions I attended today, I wanted everyone to see the real SXSW experience: standing  in line. See anyone you know?



Social Media Monday: Meerkat

by Stone Ward Staff

Every year, a slew of new apps are “born” at SXSWi. Some will fail miserably, but there are always one or two that hit a chord with users immediately when they bring something new and interesting to the table. This year, it’s no surprise that one of the early stand-out apps is Meerkat.

Mobility Is A Behavior. It Can't Be Ignored.

by Stone Ward Staff

Many brands and marketers are struggling right now with how to reach their target consumers through the mobile devices they keep within four feet of themselves 24-hours a day and are staring at constantly.

Appointment TV Is Making a Comeback

by Stone Ward Staff

Many of us–at least those that still have cable subscriptions–have become accustomed to recording our favorite television shows then watching them at our convenience and fast forwarding through all those expensive commercials that brands and agencies produce.

Millennials and Mobile: Permanently Attached

by Stone Ward Staff

The Millennial population is 80 million strong and comprise about a quarter of the U.S. population. By 2030, projections are that millennials will outnumber baby boomers. This makes that Millennial population extremely important to marketers and capturing their hearts and loyalty now.