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Five steps for executing a successful client planning meeting

by Lauren Curtis

With technology prevalent throughout the workplace, our team can communicate with the click of a button, a quick phone call, webinars, screen-shares…you get the drift. While all of this is convenient and allows for constant client communication, there tends to be themes, topics and a camaraderie that can only come from meeting face-to-face.

So You Think You Want To Be a Project Manager?

by Stone Ward Staff

As the coordinator of Stone Ward’s intern program, Camp Reality, it is safe to say that I love helping other people find what they are good at. When I am not organizing interns (by day), I am a project manager (by the rest of the day), and it is by far my most favorite and challenging job that I have ever had. So, I am basically a superhero. Obviously, a humble one. 

The Value of Shared Values

by Stone Ward Staff

Did you know that the now 20-34-year old population, also known as Millennials, has become the largest share of the U.S. labor market? Surprisingly, it’s true. So as the Baby Boomer generation retires and Millennials become increasingly important in our companies, what does this mean for employers?

What Is Employee Engagement?

by Stone Ward Staff

Traditionally, employee engagement has been about educating employees on a company’s mission, vision and values, and giving them a reason to “buy-in” to that mission as their own. The ultimate goal with employee engagement is for employees to feel as impassioned about a company as its founders feel.

Heat Related Deaths In Football

by Tommy Walker

It’s time again for the high school and college football seasons to start back in the south. Starting in the middle of July or August, the heat is brutal on all players and coaches. It is very important for all athletes to be educated and follow through with hydration preparations prior to every practice. Back in my day, we had a little more of an advantage with preparation.

The Importance of Patience

by Lucie Pathmann

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a patient person. So, when I recently shredded my ACL and had reconstructive surgery, let’s just say, it wasn’t going to be easy.  What I found is that ACL recovery takes a long time and the physical therapy is very disciplined. You have to go slow and you have to have patience.

From Marketing Manager to Brand Manager - Five Principles of Success

by Stone Ward Staff

After working as a Marketing Manager for several years, I have happily found myself on the other side of the agency-client relationship. Throughout the transition, I’ve thought a lot about my previous relationships with agency partners and how I’d like to leverage those experiences, embracing the qualities that I’ve admired in Brand Managers along the way (and running away from those I didn’t).

Don't Confuse Effort With Results

by Stone Ward Staff

One of our founding principles at Stone Ward is “Don’t confuse effort with results.” This is not to say that effort is unappreciated. It will be noticed, but if nothing comes from all that effort, the harsh truth is that it just doesn’t count.

It is hard to write a post about this principle without sounding like I am standing on a soapbox. But on the soapbox I now stand.

SXSW 2015: Innovation Propaganda

by Kyle Floyd

It’s been an amazing week here at SXSW, inspiration on every corner. I’ll leave you with some fun visuals from the presenter of one of my last sessions, Hugh McLeod, Creative Director of GapingVoid. One of Hugh’s talents is brining the entrepreneurial experience to life through art.

Managing Project Management

by Stone Ward Staff

It’s a New Year, and for project managers this means client’s schedules have started fresh. Long hours, gallons of coffee and post-it notes lining your desk leave you thinking, “there has to be a better way!”

A few simple changes in your daily routine can have you sitting back and breathing easier…at least long enough to eat your lunch.

The Value of Intrapreneurship

by Stone Ward Staff

Working with Max Farrell of Create Reason to bring ideas to pitches at our Creation Jam session.

Decision-Making From the Inside Out

by Stone Ward Staff

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. How do you think the best executives make decisions? Well, forget what you think you know. Recent studies from the world of neuroimaging are revealing what is really going on inside the brain when people are working, being creative and making decisions. These discoveries can help us learn how to best motivate coworkers and ourselves to make better decisions.

Know When To Quit. (It's not such a bad thing and you should do it more often)

by Kyle Floyd

A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. This is impossible to argue with, right? Winners press on, winners keep going long after others have given up, these are the people we admire. Athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, the only way to achieve something monumental is to plow ahead and make things happen!

Cultural Chemistry

by Stone Ward Staff

Head-to-head battles on the football field are expected, as is the verbal exchanges that go along with them. The recently publicized events between Miami Dolphins teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin is a battle less would approve of.

Design & Development, Together at Last

by Kyle Floyd

The following conversation takes place between myself and Chris Earls, one of Stone Ward’s Senior Developers. Even though we come from different sides of the tracks, (job-function-wise) the conversation was quite civil.