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Stone Ward awarded for creativity in video and workplace culture

by Liz Hamilton

Racking up on the industry awards this year, Stone Ward is proud to announce recent recognitions for its creativity in video and top-notch workplace culture.

Stone Ward wins another accolade for its collaborative agency culture

by Liz Hamilton

Stone Ward is proud to announce another award for its agency culture: a place on PRWeek’s prestigious “Best Places to Work” List. On the heels of being named (for the second year in a row) to PR News’ list of “Top Places to Work” earlier this year, the agency certainly has the team and workplace benefits that make up a collaborative and creative culture.

Stone Ward Named Top Place to Work for Second Year in a Row

by Liz Hamilton

PR News annually designates its “Top Places to Work” based on employee growth opportunities, best communication practices, benefits packages, salaries, office perks and a collaborative workplace design.

Among several cultural aspects that contributed toward Stone Ward receiving this recognition for the second year in row, the agency enjoys these employee perks:

How to Be a Superstar Client

by Lucie Pathmann

Stone Ward’s clients are all great, however, superstar clients are hard to come by. Throughout the years I’ve been at Stone Ward, there has been plenty of opportunities to rub shoulders with clients I would place in this “superstar” category. Having been a client for most of my career, I have grown more appreciative of those clients that know their role and really take part in the process.

Thanks for the Votes!

by Katy Bartlett

Dear Holly Jolly Fans,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to vote in Soiree Magazine's Cutest Dog in the Metro Contest. We all enjoy having Holly Jolly roam the halls of Stone Ward and can't wait to see her debut as Cutest Dog in the Metro in the September issue of Soiree. Thanks for getting her to the top. 

Katy Bartlett (Holly's Mom)

The Color of Your Coffee Cup May Determine the Success of Your Day

by Dana Dussing Berry

Stone Ward is a vibrant environment – the walls, people, and work are all an array of the best and brightest. It's a delight to walk into our Little Rock and Chicago offices to see and hear people producing some of the most colorful and effective marketing and PR on the planet. And, part of the success may be the hues in which we're surrounded by every day.

Stone Ward: The Best Place to Work

by Stone Ward Staff

12 years.

12 years is a long time. In fact, 12 years is the average time a person spends at work during their lifetime. For many, an office isn’t the ideal place to spend so much time, but what if I told you something that could make it better?

Is Achieving a Work/Life Balance Really Possible?

by Lucie Pathmann

Recently, I’ve read several articles about the importance of work/life balance.  Articles around how to make sure your stress level is low, make sure to get enough sleep, blah, blah, blah, and how all of these things are important, especially to women.

Make Your Office Space Your Office Place

by Stone Ward Staff

The average the person spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime.

It’s essential for anyone in an office to make their workspace welcoming and comfortable — just think of it as your second home. Here’s a few tricks to make your office space a place that feels all the more welcoming 9 to 5.

Little Rock, Big Success

by Stone Ward Staff

On March 16, the Downtown Little Rock Partnership held their annual meeting to celebrate downtown's growth over the past year. As one of the first businesses to call Downtown home, Stone Ward was proud to contribute our creative services to the design of the invitation and program.

2016 Stone Ward SXSW Recap

by Stone Ward Staff

SXSW 2016 was all about virtual reality, big data, and the convergence of motion pictures and technology. Of course, the event is always bustling with activity, sessions, and events. Here's a bird's eye view of the top trends and things happening at SXSW this year! We look forward sharing the knowledge with our clients!

My top takeaways from the event this year are as follows:

Preaching the Gospel of Google for iPhone

by Stone Ward Staff

I’ve always been an Apple person. iPod, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, the works. But lately I’ve been using more and more Google products. Maybe it’s the hipster in me. Maybe it’s the fact that all my friends who work at tech companies swear by Android and I wish I was cool enough to understand an interface that didn’t wiggle or come in neat little rounded boxes (cue Little Boxes song).

Inspiration from Elsewhere II

by Kyle Floyd

Back away from your desk. Slowly…..back….away. It’s time for a second installment of “Inspiration from Elsewhere,” my own little way of:

a) Inspiring you to think differently

b) Justifying my time spend surfing the web

What Is Employee Engagement?

by Stone Ward Staff

Traditionally, employee engagement has been about educating employees on a company’s mission, vision and values, and giving them a reason to “buy-in” to that mission as their own. The ultimate goal with employee engagement is for employees to feel as impassioned about a company as its founders feel.

Real Time Advertising: All About Digital

by Stone Ward Staff

A couple of years ago, I decided that I didn’t need cable television. I had Netflix, Hulu and the internet. I could watch anything I wanted, any time I wanted. I did this for about a year.