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Conducting Keyword Research

by Matt Stewart

You’ve probably heard the term “keyword” thrown around from time to time. But what is a keyword? A keyword is any term or phrase that a person searches on Google, Bing, or any other search engine. These search engines use complex algorithms that try to determine the most relevant and authoritative websites and content to match your query. 

Dynamic Emails Yield Dynamic Results

by Matt Stewart

Without a target audience, marketers would be shooting in the dark; spending unnecessary marketing dollars blasting out a message to someone who isn’t interested. Personalization using dynamic content has become a vital part of marketing, as consumers are blasted with thousands of advertisements per day.

A simple approach to list segmentation with Sissy’s Log Cabin…

by Ritika Chakrabarty

If you’ve invested in a CRM platform, you’ve already taken a leap in the right direction. Automation and personalized messaging are revolutionizing the way companies stay in contact with their current and future customers. But with that power, comes a great responsibility: the responsibility to gather more information from your customers and use it in a relevant way.

Christmas Cash – Building More than Customer Excitement

by Stone Ward Staff

There are a magnitude of various channels you can use to communicate with your customers and new ideas and platforms are being developed every day.  However, research done by Marketing Sherpa shows email is the most preferred method by which consumers want a brand to engage with them.  Most notable is email is the preferred method across almost every demographic.

Businesses Can Now Feature Boards in a Showcase on Pinterest

by Stone Ward Staff

Last week, Pinterest announced that businesses can feature top items and craft their customers experience in a showcase. This new release also features buyable pins which can directly generate sales for businesses.

Five Things I've Learned in 20 Years of Writing Advertising Copy

by Stone Ward Staff

I’ve been doing this for a long time. And still, the “process” is me staring deeply into the flickering computer screen, attempting to extract magic from a blank copy document.

Writing is difficult. Heck, I just spent five minutes trying to think of a better way to say, “writing is difficult.” I couldn’t do it. Maybe that’s the best way to say it.

8 Ways to Use Analytics to Amplify the Power of Storytelling

by Stone Ward Staff

In any form of communication, the ability to combine passionate delivery with strategic content and tactical messaging is paramount to successfully delivering a message. One communication technique which is rising considerably in practice is storytelling.

Stop That Scrolling Thumb - Appreciate the Process

by Stone Ward Staff

You’re scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, sitting at home (obviously not at your work desk, because that’s not following the rules of true adulthood) and you come across one of those little videos that automatically start (silently) playing. The video may pique your interest, it may not–so you either continue to watch it silently like a social media zombie, click on it for sound, or just go on with your scrolling.

This Week In Social Media

by Liz Hamilton

This Week in Social Media: Facebook’s Allegations, Periscope’s Permanent Broadcasts and Instagram’s New Logo Gauging One of the World’s Biggest Publisher’s “Unbiased” Opinion Earlier this week Gizmodo reported that Facebook has an alleged liberal bias. Before we continue, I should note that Facebook adamantly denies…

Stone Ward Knowledge Base: April 2016

by Stone Ward Staff

As a full-service advertising agency, Stone Ward understands that helping brands succeed involves continuous learning across every discipline. In fact, one of our founding principles is to “Always be a student.”

Be a Storefront, Not a Storage Facility: The Importance of Web Content Maintenance

by Stone Ward Staff

Many moons ago, when I walked the stage at my college graduation, I accepted my marketing degree and immediately envisioned myself as Helen Hunt’s character in What Women Want. I mean, I had a marketing degree.

Paid Social Media: Is It Right For You?

by Stone Ward Staff

The short answer: Probably.

The long answer: It depends on what channels you are using, where your audience is, how much engagement you are currently getting, and what it is you want to achieve.

Franchised Locations: Do They Get Their Own Social Media Profiles?

by Stone Ward Staff

If you work in marketing with or for a franchised organization, you have likely had a conversation about the pros and cons of each individual franchisee and/or location having a unique Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. that lives separately from the “corporate” brand account.

What is the right answer? It depends, of course.

If you have ever worked with franchisees, you know the following to be true:

Real Time Advertising: All About Digital

by Stone Ward Staff

A couple of years ago, I decided that I didn’t need cable television. I had Netflix, Hulu and the internet. I could watch anything I wanted, any time I wanted. I did this for about a year.

Preaching the Gospel of Bitmoji

by Stone Ward Staff

Let’s be honest: no one really needs more ways to ineffectively communicate via text message. We already have emojis ranging from beers cheers-ing (my personal favorite) to the UFO (Unidentified Food Object) pictured below.