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Know Your Production Crew

by Tommy Walker

Tommy D. Walker (dolly grip), Daryn Okada (Director of Photography), Sean Bean (Actor)

An Oscar Recap

by Levi Agee

Can I Have Award with You?

by Levi Agee

I am obsessed with all things film and TV. That roughly translates to I have the three-DVD option on Netflix. So catching all the Oscar nominations before the ceremony in February each year becomes a fun little quest for me. Five or six years ago this was a pretty tough task with only one halfway decent independent art-house theater in my town.

Book Review: Optimize

by Emily Reeves

Evan Daugherty

Respect the Checklist

by Emily Reeves

On today’s podcast, Lindsey Ingram and I talk about the book The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

Trust in the Sites Where You Buy Online Advertising

by Debra Reid

Today Emily and I talked about a new tool for evaluating sites that are part of ad networks that we purchase for our clients’ online ad campaigns. Listen to our discussion below, or subscribe to our podcast in iTunes.

A Social Media Network Round Up

by Emily Reeves

Today I talked to Chris Kindrick about the personalities and uses for different social media channels. Listen to it here, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

The Secrets Behind Apple's Retail Success

by Emily Reeves

Today I talked to Spencer Griffith, Brand Manager here at Stone Ward, about a book he recently read titled The Secret of Apple’s Retail Success (click to download a PDF of the e-book).

Finding Creative Inspiration

by Emily Reeves

Chris’s current favorite color: Tangerine Tango

My Career in Broadcast Production

by Tommy Walker

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work in production since my college years. Over that time, I have worked on films, music videos and commercials. Today, I talked to Emily about some of my experiences and provide advice for those looking to get into the broadcast production industry. Listen to the podcast below for the full story.