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360 Filmworks Brings Home 3 Silver, 2 Bronze Telly Awards

by Liz Hamilton

360 Filmworks brings home three Silver, two Bronze Telly Awards

Stone Ward’s video production team joins elite Silver Telly list, only awarded to 10 percent of entrants

A Creative Perspective on Connection: 2016 AMIN Integrated Conference - Little Rock

by Bill Brookshire

A great conference builds many things; professional knowledge, industry insight and personal networking just to name a few. The 2016 AMIN Worldwide Integrated Conference Little Rock, April 24th through the 26th built one of the most important elements of an inspired workforce — connection.

Stone Ward Knowledge Base: April 2016

by Lindsey Ingram

As a full-service advertising agency, Stone Ward understands that helping brands succeed involves continuous learning across every discipline. In fact, one of our founding principles is to “Always be a student.”

Skilled Trades: A Different Path to Success

by Lindsey Ingram

“The ability to make things is fundamental to the ability to innovate things over the long term.”

- Willy Smith, Harvard Business School and co-author of
Producing Prosperity: Why America Needs a Manufacturing Renaissance

R.I.P. Google Sidebar Ads

by Lindsey Ingram

We’re about a month past the latest Google change (and subsequent panic for search marketers) - the removal of ads from the right-hand side of SERPs. So, what exactly has changed?

Social Success Just One Micro-Moment Away

by Lindsey Ingram

If you were to conduct a Google search for “2016 social media predictions,” you would see slight differences of opinion from source to source. However, there’s one trend with which everyone agrees: video will continue to dominate the social space in 2016 and beyond.

Paid Social Media: Is It Right For You?

by Emily Reeves


The short answer: Probably.

This Is Not The Best Blog Post You’ll Read

by Jay Stanley

When you’re formulating the perfect advertising campaign, it’s so easy to get caught up in telling people you’re the best. Whether you’re a company with a product to sell or an ad agency with a client you’re helping to grow, telling consumers you’re the best is a sort of the knee-jerk path to take.

But is being the best always better?

Upon Further Review: One Show Interactive Awards, 1996

by Jeremy Harper

“The One Show’s first interactive category was introduced in 1996. Images of the home page with access to the web site address open a window to cyberspace that may well predict the future for the new advertising medium.” – The One Show, Vol. 18\

Darrin Stephens: TV’s Original Mad Man

by Jeremy Harper

I am often asked to give an opinion about AMC’s Mad Men, for which I cannot because I’ve never seen the show.


Adjective, noun, does it matter?

by Kyle Floyd

Language is an incredibly important element of advertising and communication, and the words we create for our clients are rigorously debated and crafted so that they are as targeted and meaningful as possible. I am not, however, a strict follower of any certain rulebook or style guide. Our words are created specifically for certain target audiences, and in doing so, can take on a variety of voices, cadences, and punctuation.

The Battle of the “Buy” Button

by Camille Norman

Get your credit cards ready because shopping done from some of our favorite social sites has just gotten easier, maybe a little too easy. In case you missed it, last week Instagram announced their plans to expand their ad products to include direct response ad formats.  Within the same week Pinterest announced that in the coming weeks you’ll be able to buy products sold by select brands directly from the Pinterest app.