At the end of every year, Baptist Health Foundation sends out one final appeal to their generous donors asking them to consider giving to the Foundation during the holiday season. This year, they asked Stone Ward to help create a direct mail piece, paid social media posts and an email series aimed at increasing the number of year-end donation.

Stone Ward incorporated Baptist Health Foundation’s new Give Happy branding across all artwork, and utilized a call-to- action that encouraged donors to visit the new website and complete the simplified donation process to help Foundation make an even bigger impact on Arkansans’ lives.

The direct mail piece and email series boasted similar creative, and were both sent to donors who hadn’t given during 2017. The direct mail piece was sent first, and hit mailboxes right after Thanksgiving to catch donors as they started to transition into holiday giving. The email series was triggered a week after the direct mail drop date, and included a series of emails reminding donors of the impact their last minute donation would make right here in the state of Arkansas. Together, these two pieces helped us increase year end donations by 17% compared to our 2016 year-end appeal.


Additionally, we created two distinct Facebook audiences to target:

Those who like the Foundation and their friends

Arkansans who have given to a non-profit in the past

These two audiences were served general, year-end ads, as well as Baby Project specific ads so that we could test which messaging resonated best with our audiences. Overall, these paid ads garnered over 100,000 impressions and reached 38,000 Arkansans.

Stone Ward is so proud to have helped Baptist Health Foundation raise additional funds that we know will make a direct impact on the lives of the people in this state.