DNA was first used to assist a criminal investigation in 1986 by British professor Alec Jefferies — a story that can be seen in the 2015 miniseries Code of a Killer. Since then, DNA has become the gold standard in human identification, used in investigations and courtrooms worldwide. However, the traditional route of obtaining a DNA ID through a crime lab remains slow and tedious, with results taking as long as several months or years to obtain. For this reason, few law enforcement agencies use DNA as a real-time investigative tool. But change is on the way.

The bipartisan-supported Rapid DNA Act approves “the use of Rapid DNA instruments to inform decisions about pretrial release or detention and their conditions, to solve and prevent violent crimes and other crimes, to exonerate the innocent, to prevent DNA analysis backlogs, and for other purposes.” This landmark piece of legislation is the result of years of work by scientists, legislators, and DNA advocates who believe in the power of this technology to make the world a safer place. As evidence of this power, on May 16, 2017, the bill was passed by the U.S. Senate with unanimous consent.

The Rapid DNA Act passes unanimously into law.


Stone Ward assisted ANDE, the global leader in Rapid DNA, in launching an integrated digital campaign to promote the bill, celebrate its passage and communicate its importance to law enforcement, military and government audiences. The campaign included educational components before the bill was passed like infographics explaining the importance of Rapid DNA to catching criminals and ANDE’s commitment to the privacy of the data. Stone Ward also helped tell the stories of crimes that could have been stopped using Rapid DNA and enlisted the testimonials of prominent legislators to help audiences understand the significance.

The campaign utilized ANDE’s website and social media channels to help spread the word and simultaneously establish ANDE as the company that will help bring this exciting technology to the world and provide DNA IDs in less than two hours.


Stone Ward is honored to partner with ANDE and looks forward to helping it carry out the company’s mission of making the world a safer place through Rapid DNA.