College students like myself often regard the real world as a bleak, daunting place where there is all work and no play. It is the place we never thought we would reach, yet here we are, standing at its doorstep.

Camp Reality has taught me to go right ahead and knock on that door.

As a summer copywriting intern at Stone Ward, I have debunked several myths about the real world. Rather than a dark hole in which dreams disappear, Stone Ward is the opposite. It’s a creative hub where imaginations run wild and art comes to life. Instead of being a workplace where employees are chained to their desks, Stone Ward boasts an interactive environment in which everyone knows and likes each other.

The bright offices of Stone Ward have been one of my first glimpses into the real world, and I’ve found it isn’t depressing at all. It’s exciting.

It’s also not easy. That’s for sure. Ad agency life is fast-paced. Deadlines come quickly, meetings are frequent and assignments add up. None of these parts of the job are easy. But does anybody really want their job to be easy? Easy is uneventful. At Stone Ward, every day is a new adventure, and everyone else at Stone Ward is on that adventure with you.

From working a three night commercial shoot to being introduced to clients, I’ve had my fair share of adventures here at Stone Ward. Each day has been different. Some days flew by, leaving me feeling accomplished. Other days dragged on as I struggled to find the words I wanted to write. But every day was an overall good one. When you work with people who are kind and encouraging, there really aren’t any bad days.

Along with exuding positivity, my fellow interns and mentors have influenced my perception of the real world. They’ve taught me that collaboration can be productive and fun. When you work with people who care as much as you do, group projects are no longer dreaded.

Although I’ve always been a writer, my mentors have made me a much better one. They’ve given me the opportunity to write real copy for real clients for the real world. While it was intimidating, it was also empowering. This internship has shown me that I can make it in the real world. I’m a contender.

Camp Reality is exactly what its name suggests: a trial version of the real world. It’s a small bite of agency life, and it tastes so sweet. If the real world is like Stone Ward, count me in.