Being “good” at Stone Ward is just part of the culture. In work, in life and in service, employees are seeking to build good all around them. Through Camp Reality, I have been exposed to many good things. But, out of all the good moments I have experienced, my favorite has been serving a meal at Our House. Our House is a local homeless shelter that “empowers homeless and near-homeless families and individuals to succeed in the workforce, in school, and in life through hard work, wise decision-making and active participation in the community.”

To help build good at Our House, the Stone Ward interns prepared and served a meal to the guests at the shelter. It was a massively rewarding undertaking — emphasis on massive. We served spaghetti and meatballs to 80 guests…80! Cooking for a group that size required teamwork, effort, and a large Sam’s Club run.

With a car full of supplies, we arrived at Our House ready…and nervous. I mean, what do a bunch of 20-somethings know about catering? Nothing.

As a group, we all chose a task. Some prepared noodles, a few chopped vegetables and others cleaned serving utensils to prepare for the event. Though the interns often work together, we usually do so under the guidance of our mentor. It was exciting to watch everyone come together in a new environment. While we all chose different aspects of cooking, we all worked as a team. Personalities and hearts shined through. Serving the guests was awesome; I have never received so many warm thank yous! Their gratitude made the daunting task extremely rewarding.

This day was truly about building good, both among the community and within our team. Through the experience, the interns gained a better understanding of the needs in our community, developed stronger group harmony and had a few good laughs at each other in hair nets. We enjoyed the experience and are better because of it.