It happens to everyone. You’ve got a full to-do list to check off, yet you can’t seem to get anything done – or at least do anything well. While this situation can feel desperate, you’re often only a few minutes away from a renewed, refreshed focus. All you need is a brain boost.

Finding activities that energize you – and religiously making time for them – is essential to combatting and preventing work slumps. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, taking a break to relax and refresh your mind can make you remarkably more creative and productive. Here are a few brain boosts I keep in my arsenal, and frequently use to when I need me a pick-me-up.

10-30 Minutes

A little dose of fresh air and sunshine works wonders for me, and I like to get in a couple walks a week during lunch.

Coffee Break

Coffee and snacks bring me an almost unsettling amount of joy. I try to harness those good vibes to help me feel refreshed when I get back to my desk.

A Few Hours

Nothing clears my head like a hike. I’ve even come up with some of my best ideas while hitting the trails.


I’m one of those weirdos who loves to run. Focusing on pushing my body further and faster helps me release stress and tension, relax and think more freely.

A Couple Days

I’ve got to skip town here and there to be my best creatively. Most of the time, a quick weekend trip to the lake does the trick, but at least once a year I need to take a few days and disconnect as much as possible.

To do great work, you need know when to stop working, and when to give your brain the boost it needs to be your most creative and productive.