I. Love. Broadway. Everything from the costumes to the lights to the incredibly talented actors and actresses that lend their voices to entertain and delight audiences night after night. In fact, when I was in high school, my dream was to sing on Broadway and become the next Patti LuPone.

Even though I haven’t quite made it there yet, it’s amazing how my career has allowed me to identify the many similarities there are between Broadway and a company’s brand. Here are just a few:

1) Storytelling

A good brand should have the ability to make a consumer feel or experience whatever product or service they provide, hopefully in a positive way. The concept of brand storytelling is nothing new and is something consumers now expect. It’s the same with watching a Broadway musical. The performers want you to feel the power of the music and draw from either your own experiences or those you know to form a connection with the lyrics.

2) Solving a problem

Whether it is rescuing Christine from the Phantom of the Opera or protecting Oz from Elphaba in Wicked, many Broadway shows feature a problem that must be fixed. This is completely in line with what a brand does as well, even if it is something as simple as ensuring your clothes are clean (detergent) or complex such as receiving quality care after an injury (healthcare). Ultimately, a brand is a solution to whatever problem you are facing.

3) Consistency

One of the most important aspects of a brand is consistency. It needs to be recognizable and used appropriately, including fonts, colors, placements, messaging, etc. For a Broadway performer who must sing the same songs up to eight times a week, this is also critical. Every audience expects a phenomenal performance — just like they heard about from their friends or read in the reviews.

Even if I will never hear the roaring applause from an audience (standing ovation, of course) after I give an amazing, Tony Award worthy performance on Broadway, I can still enjoy the beautiful music, all while providing clients with the tools to build an amazing brand.