Creative. Meaningful. Valuable. Amazing. Interesting. Awesome. Enjoyable. Professional. Open-minded. Experiential. Collaborative. Trusting. Relevant. Interactive. Detailed. Integrated. Quality. Diverse. Helpful. Generous. Appreciative. Engaging. Caring. Relaxed. Patient.

25 words that came up in our exit interviews for last year’s batch of Camp Reality interns when describing the program and atmosphere here at Stone Ward.

Camp Reality is not your typical internship. Our interns build good for agency clients. They participate in brainstorms, develop creative pieces, present ideas, and execute tactics. The only coffee they get is their own, in our fully stocked kitchen, and the only grunt work they do is with a group of Stone Wardians doing the exact same thing. They’re members of the pack, fuel for the creative engine and valued assets of our team.

The best part? Each of them leaves with valuable experience and items for their portfolio that many times not only show planning and execution, but also results, something that demonstrates their vigor and fearless determination in moving the marketing needle. Added perks are a stipend to help with living expenses, and the lasting relationship each of them builds with our team.

Learn more about some of the interns’ experiences last year and what they took away from their time at Stone Ward.

This year’s program will last from June 12, 2017 through August 4, 2017, and slots are available within our digital, media, public relations, account management and creative departments, including roles within web development, media planning, and buying, art direction, copywriting, broadcast production, content curation, social media and more.

Think this sounds something you or someone you know might be interested in? We are currently looking for college students (entering junior or senior year) and/or graduate students looking to develop careers in the branding and marketing industry.

Applications should be submitted by February 5, 2017, along with a resume and work samples. Intern placement decisions will be made in early March 2017.

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