Were you caught up on language like PokeStop? Check out our index of Pokemon Go terms, where you can learn how to use Incense and Lures to improve your business: 

Pokemon — a virtual creature that can be captured, trained and and used for a battle. (Pro Tip: Asking customers to share images of the rare Pokemon they find at your location over social media in exchange for a small discount will draw more users to your location.)

Poke Balls — virtual balls that can be thrown at Pokemon to capture them. Poke Balls can be picked up at PokeStops by users to keep game play going. They are also sold in the PokemonGo shop.

Candies — a virtual currency awarded when a Pokemon is captured that can be used to increase the combat power of or evolve your Pokemon.

Stardust — a virtual currency awarded when a Pokemon is captured that can be used to increase the combat power of your Pokemon.

PokeStops – virtual locations that provide items like Poke Balls to players. (Pro Tip: Promoting the PokeStop near you could draw more customers to your location.)

Lures – enhancements that can be placed on PokeStops to attract wild Pokemon. (Pro Tip: Placing Lures on PokeStops near your location is relatively cheap and is an effective way of bring more customers into your business.)

Incense — an enhancement that attracts wild Pokemon directly to a user. (Pro Tip: Offering to pay for every 20th customer’s incense is a good way of engaging with Pokemon Go users while increasing traffic through your business.)

Pokecoins — virtual currency, purchased with real world money, that can used to buy in-game enhancements like lures and incense. (Pro Tip: Using PokeCoins to purchase items like Lures and Incense is necessary, but it’s not necessary to pay the big bucks for coins. Purchase Pokecoins in bulk to reduce costs.)

Pokemon Gyms — virtual locations controlled by teams and used for battles and training. (Pro Tip: If a Pokemon Gym is located at your business, promote your location as a rest stop for users training their Pokemon and offer a discount to whichever team controls your gym. You can also offer special deals to the team members who currently lead the gym. Ask customers to show their team affiliation and keep a running scoreboard in the front of your business to track who’s team conquers the gym the most.)

Team Instinct — a Pokemon team that wears yellow, is known for its instincts and is represented by the legendary Zapdos Pokemon.

Team Mystic — a Pokemon team that wears blue, is known for its brains and is represented by the legendary Articuno Pokemon.

Team Valor – a Pokemon team that wears red, is known for its training and is represented by the legendary Moltres Pokemon.