Internships get a bad rap.

People complain that it is a lot of work for little reward, or maybe, that as an intern you’re just doing busy work. Fortunately for me, my experience has been far from either of those.

While Camp Reality hit full stride this week, my reality hit last semester as my college graduation drew nearer and nearer. Let me tell you, nothing is more terrifying than realizing that you are about to graduate and enter “the real world” and you don’t know what the you are supposed to do with your life. 

Camp Reality 2016 Interns

When I started thinking about what to do after graduation, my mind kept drawing a blank. I had no clue, so I did what any sensible person in my position would do. I started applying for jobs. Not to my surprise, every position I looked at required an unrealistic amount of experience for someone who was fresh out of college. After several months, I came across the Camp Reality program and things just seemed to fall into place.

This week will be my third week at Stone Ward and I have nothing but praise for the entire agency. Heading into the summer I had no idea what to expect. I had never been exposed to an agency before. Last summer I interned at a non-profit, and so far the two experiences are very different. Not that one is better or worse than the other, just different.

It is not often one finds an internship where your mentors work beside you, not above you. Not once have I felt like a lowly intern. Everyone I have come into contact with at Stone Ward has been incredibly helpful.

Since day one I have been working on actual projects for clients. Whether I am working with a brand manager, meeting with creative or doing research, I have been lucky enough to be exposed to all aspects of this agency. The benefits aren’t too shabby either. I mean, free food and ping-pong? It’s like a poor, college student’s dream.

If this is only week three, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds. School can only teach you so much. That is not to say that you ever stop learning, just that there is SO much more for me to learn. If the professionals here can teach me half of what they know, I will be in good shape to survive “the real world.”

Wish you were a part of this internship? Keep an eye out for next year’s Camp Reality applications.