Back away from your desk. Slowly…..back….away. It’s time for a second installment of “Inspiration from Elsewhere,” my own little way of:

a) Inspiring you to think differently

b) Justifying my time spend surfing the web

All kidding aside, web surfing can be a valuable way of filling the ‘ol creative tank and getting out of those ruts that you don’t realize you’ve been in until you’ve been in them awhile. So sit back and take a look at creative ideas and visuals that I’ve discovered this week:

Kinetic sculpture mimics the flight of a hummingbird:
Stunning in both its beauty and engineering skill. See more



3-D wire scultpures look just like animal doodles:
See more




Flour Angel:
Studio dance photographer Derrick Senior uses a commonly-found cooking ingredient to create something truly uncommon. See more


Traveling-Tricycle-Projectors in Rio:
See more



Boeing’s MicroLattice is a true game-changer:
100 times lighter than styrofoam,  strong enough to use as structural components for airplanes. See more


Happy Panda restaurant design:
Little-used interior design strategy: start with the ceiling!  See more

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.27.31 AM


Planchonella House, Australia:
I. WANT. THIS. HOUSE.  See more

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.24.43 AM


Illustrations by Ray Oranges:
See more



Michael Beirut for the New York Times Book Review:
You can always count on Pentagram to take a different approach. Simple. Perfect. See more


Welcome to Night Vale podcast:
It’s kindof like a Prairie Home Companion, only with vague and menacing government agencies and 3-headed dragons. See more



1989 by Ryan Adams:
I don’t know if anyone has ever done this before – record an entire album of someone else’s music pretty much the same year as it’s original release – but I love it. It’s not a spoof, yet not quite a tribute, just a re-imagining of the bones of the music into something entirely different. Plus, most of the songs sound like Bruce Springsteen, so I’m all-in. See more