At Stone Ward, we’re an office full of unique, creative people, which is why we love to collaborate to get the best idea possible. This Stone Ward principal is quite possibly one of my favorites. I’m a huge fan of teamwork makes the dream work, two heads are better than one, [insert any cheesy phrase here] – guilty – I’ve said it.

When you have a collaborative work environment, not only do you get fantastic results but you get innovative, one of a kind ideas that help you push your client’s work ahead of the rest. Some of the biggest benefits of collaboration come in the form of:

Innovation and trust

When more minds work together, ideas improve as employees build on each other and trust each other with completed concepts.

Productivity and diversity

A team with diverse strengths accomplishes not only more tasks, but also a variety of tasks. These team members accomplish more than any others traditionally could by focusing strengths on various aspects of the project at hand.

Support and retention

When employees work together, they achieve more personal and professional goals and feel supported and comforted, which also improves company retention.

It wouldn’t be a blog post from me without some kind of “Ice Ice Baby” reference, so without further adieu… All right stop, collaborate and listen because you never know, the person sitting next to you may have the next brilliant idea for your campaign!

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