The President broke from his traditional gray clothing palate during a news conference yesterday. He talked about matters of national and international importance.  But, the message he shared was somewhat overshadowed by the tan suit he wore during the presser.  The most seasoned political journalists and social media have suddenly become fashion critics over the clothing choice, which from a media relations perspective is both good and bad.  The bad is that the clothes overshadowed the message.

Brian Rie$ @moneyries · 19h

Obama: Something something tan suit something tan tan tan something suit.


Olivia Nuzzi @Olivianuzzi

Obama just announced we are going to war with Canada and none of you noticed because you were distracted by his outfit.


Michael Roston @michaelroston · 19h



Annie Colbert        ✔ @anniecolbert

BREAKING: Obama attends beach wedding.


Ryan Teague Beckwith @ryanbeckwith



The President talked about unrest in the Middle East and U.S. response.  Many reporters focused on his comment “we don’t have a strategy,” made during the news conference in reference to dealing with a major terror group.  Therein lies the good for the media relations representatives who prefer “Suit Gate” make the news rather than words that some say will “haunt” the rest of this presidency.


Zack Beauchamp @zackbeauchamp · 18h

Two theories about what “we don’t have a strategy” means 


Andrew Katz        ✔ @katz

Obama: “We don’t have a strategy yet” on what color suit I will wear tomorrow


Politics aside and in everyday life, your clothing choices are important when you are trying to communicate a message.  If you are part of the fashion world, by all means, let your style do the talking. If you are representing a brand, even if it’s your personal brand, make sure what you’re wearing doesn’t overshadow what you have to say.