There are several “top 10” lists out there on what will be the big 2014 trends in advertising. However after reading several of these articles over break, to me the biggest challenge for 2014 is the continued collision between traditional marketing and technology.

Why the biggest challenge? To me, it is due to the constant change in technology.  These changes force us to reevaluate and improve the way we use it to communicate with the consumer. Changes and advances in technology (social media in particular) have driven us to a more “age of the consumer” mindset. This shift has made it essential to develop integrated marketing campaigns that utilize technology as well as traditional channels.

Coming from a public relations background, I am a diehard believer that good marketing organizations and companies give public relations a seat at the table when making any decision that effects the organization.  However, today, there’s one more person that should always have a seat at the table. That person is your IT person. There’s rarely an instance when a marketing campaign or decision will not utilize a digital component or some type of technology adjustment. Additionally, in today’s world the majority of marketing campaigns will depend on someone in IT or development executing the campaign. Too many times, IT is left out and then when it comes to the execution phase and at the ninth hour we learn what can and can’t be accomplished due to technology and the cost of some of those solutions.

We live in a world that is running at a much faster pace than before. Advances in technology are enabling agencies and clients to make decisions and optimize those decisions at a much faster pace. This will still hold true in the coming year.

So make it easier on yourself, invite IT, while they may be the quiet one that talks in a different language than your familiar with, but in the end, you’ll be glad you did!