Well, 2013 has come to a close. It was a good year for this blog: a variety of contributors, consistent content, and most importantly, good content! Our top 10 most visited blog posts in the 2013 calendar year covered a broad range of topics from internships and creativity, to technologies and public relations. Selfies being the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year certainly helped the “Three Tips for Better Selfies” post popularity. And students looking for jobs likely helped the two college posts rise on the list. Technology demonstrations and predictions were also hot topics as technology and digital data becomes more prevalant and we are all trying to figure out how to use it.

If you missed some of our blog posts in 2013, at least be sure to check out the 10 most popular posts:

  1. Public Relations Is Creative by Heide Harrell, Senior PR Account Manager
  2. Three Tips For Better Selfies by Dana Berry, Senior PR Account Manager
  3. How To Land An Awesome Internship by Katherine Beherec, Junior Developer
  4. Four Ways College is Not Like The Real World by Katherine Beherec, Junior Developer
  5. Wrigley Field Crowdsources 100th Anniversary Logo by Kyle Floyd, Creative Director
  6. Prototyping for JQuery Mobile Apps by Paul Suda, Director of Technology
  7. Ten Principles of Media Management by Debra Reid, Director of Media Services
  8. New Browser Technologies To Watch For in 2013 by Paul Suda, Director of Technology
  9. Google Maps and GIS Data Layers by Paul Suda, Director of Technology
  10. Wisdom From The Chicken Coop by Kyle Floyd, Creative Director

What will be the hot topics for 2014? Follow this blog and we will talk about them as they arise.