Image Source: The Keep Calm-O-Matic

It’s 8:33 p.m. on a typical Sunday night and I find myself horrified disturbed stunned mesmerized. The image on my television screen consists of grown bears dancing, red strobe lights, one gigantic human tongue, a beetle juice suit and finally, Miley Cyrus. Miley was about to take the nation by storm with one simple dance move. The Twerk.

No matter if you watched it live or saw photos on Facebook, you knew about her performance the next morning. The typical office banter of, “How was your weekend?” or “I can’t believe it’s already Monday” was replaced with “OMG DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?!”

The TV networks went crazy. Morning radio DJ’s were buzzing. Social Media exploded with conversations fixated on Miley’s performance. Miley didn’t tweak her brand, she twerked it.

Instead of gradually changing her brand over time, Miley went straight for the throat and never looked back. Her new identity has been branded as edgy, loud, obscure, and immature but to Miley only one word truly describes her brand. Successful.

After her VMA performance, the following week resulted in the following:

  • A 112% rise in social media: Added 226,273 new Facebook fans and 213,104 new Twitter followers
  • Total album sales bumped up by 50%
  • Miley’s new single “Wrecking Ball” was up 124% compared to the prior week
  • Miley was the number 1 most searched celebrity for the month of September and October on Google

Some find themselves doing what they do because that’s the way it’s always been done. It’s easy. They have a set routine and abide by that routine.

Others surround themselves with roller-skating-bears, flashing lights and controversy. They stand out. People remember them. Their actions create acclaim and ridicule from millions. The next time you’re thinking about tweaking something maybe you should go all in and just twerk it.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. – Bill Cosby