I love being part of an industry that is always searching for ways to connect in creative, authentic, and dynamic ways with its respective audiences.  The outcomes and executions can sometimes inspire me to think differently about a brand, inspire me to try out a new product, or sometimes just make me laugh.  And in some rare instances, they push me to feel something quite deeply.

We live in an age of video.  Ninety percent of Internet traffic is video content, over one billion unique visitors visit YouTube each month, and an Internet user watches 185 videos on average each month.  I, along with the averages, have increased my own video consumption in the past year. Some brands have effectively joined the viral video fray with their own contributions, most of which rely on humor.  Some hit the mark.  Some are just a waste of time.  But with the proliferation of video content that is available and being consumed, it’s getting harder and harder for me to find truly exceptional branded videos that move me.

Until this week.

This week I saw three videos that actually moved me to the verge of tears.  The commonality between all three is that they each tell great stories that represent different struggles of the human condition.

The first was produced by a beer brand, but barely shows beer in the entire video. “Wheelchair Basketball

The second was produced by a telecom company, but never shows a phone.  It is entitled “Giving

The third was produced by a dance company that never shows its logo.  It is entitled “New Beginnings”.

Grab the Kleenex box and celebrate the fact that our fellow storytellers in this business, can still surprise, delight, and yes, move us to the point of tears.

* Disclaimer:  I do not believe that every brand needs a viral video to be effective.  I believes the goal of every marketer should be to deliver tailored messages that guide a target audience to the inherent good that lies within your brand over time.