A few observations before any sessions even begin: There are a lot of people here. There are a lot of industries represented here. There are CEO-types and programmer types and gamer types and mid-level-manager types. There are some who look a little bleary-eyed from the night before or this morning’s early flight. And there are some who have already put in a half-day’s work on their phones or Macs, and it’s only 9:30 am. I just rubbed elbows with Elon Musk, whose name would be perfect for a bottle of cheap cologne. OK, maybe not a cheap bottle. And by “rubbed elbows,” I mean he hurriedly walked past me.

On page 209 of my 248-page festival guide (ironic, since this is an interactive festival) there is a quote about an important skill one needs to be able to take advantage of SXSW: “Self-awareness and the ability to gravitate to meaningful opportunities.” Self-awareness? Check. “Ability to gravitate to meaningful opportunities?” THAT is one of the best wordings I’ve heard so far about what I’d like to accomplish here. I am a designer, and advertiser, a storyteller, but most importantly I represent Stone Ward’s clients and the people I work with. The things I learn should benefit those two groups, and it’s up to me to gravitate to those things. And gravitate I shall.