Source: NDTV Sports

For the past 65 years NASCAR has been a sport for the “good ole boys.” That was until this past Sunday when Danica Patrick stunned the racing world by winning the pole at Daytona International Speedway. What is equally unique about her claiming the top spot is it was only her second visit to Daytona in a Cup car.

Certainly the pole is no indication of where she’ll finish given that the last time a driver won the pole and went on the win the race was back in 2000 (Jarrett), Patrick winning the pole has given NASCAR the news it needed to start Speedweeks leading up to “The Great American Race.”  While driving the fastest lap of over 196 mph was enough this past Sunday, it will be quite different to maintain that speed and navigate the track with 42 other drivers in the 500.

While the debate on her being the “real deal” will still go on after this Sunday’s Daytona 500, and many will never give her the credit she deserves for the accomplishments she’s made, winning the pole does give her supporters something to cheer about.  After Sunday, the winner will be what all the news is about and Patrick will have to prove it wasn’t just the Hendrick motor that won her the pole.

Speaking as a female that has been involved with the sport for the past 15 years and a fan as well, all I can say is, “WAY TO GO GIRL!”