I was reading Tuesday’s, Knowledge@Wharton TODAY and found an inspiring idea that I wanted to share.   And that idea is to create Giving Tuesday™ as the giving season’s opening day. This will be the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which on this year was November 27th.  The organization Giving Tuesday™ notes on their website that we have a day for giving thanks and two days for getting deals (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), so let’s give people a day to give,  not spend as they enter the holiday season.  I personally think this is a great idea.

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Knowledge@Wharton TODAY credits Katherina Rosqueta, executive director of Penn’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy, as saying the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s has “historically been one of most active times of the year for philanthropic giving.” This makes the Tuesday after Thanksgiving a perfect day to kick off the season.

The Giving Tuesday™ organization has a large list of participants including The United Way, The American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters organizations, animal shelters and performing arts centers.  A complete list of these can be found on the website.  The site encourages not only financial gifts but gifts of time and they want you to share with everyone what you are doing and why it matters.  The site has ideas for how families, communities and companies can join in the acts of giving.

Let’s Build Good and put a tickler on our calendars to help this group out with next year’s #Giving Tuesday.