Web Development

We’ve cracked the code.

As one of the early ad agencies to adopt web design as a “thing,” we have built hundreds of websites and currently host and manage more than 100 sites for our clients. We are leaders in the digital space who long ago invested in digital developers, strategists and creatives. Our digital group isn’t just a team within our organization, they act as a web development agency within our walls that serves our traditional agency departments and clients both in Arkansas and Chicago.

Because of our in-house digital expertise, we are able to work with clients across all channels and understand how traditional and digital campaigns must work together seamlessly for the client’s success. Our process can be broken down into a few phases.

  • Discovery – During this phase, we focus on your goals and establish the necessary strategies to reach them. We’ll review initial requests, run a site audit and review the User Experience (UX) on your current site and share our findings and insights.
  • Planning –  We’ll create your sitemap and plan out your SEO, Inbound, Paid Media and Social Strategies, CMS, and more.
  • Content – Stone Ward is able to create all the content, or organize the content of your current site. Whether it’s blogs, technical details or bios, our professional team of copywriters will make your website engaging and easy to read, and always written with an eye on SEO.
  • Design – Your site will begin looking like an actual website during this stage as we create a wireframe based on your sitemap and content. We can even present a few demo structures to show you how your site will function. This is also where we ensure that the user interface (UI) is intuitive, while keeping it elegant, efficient and on brand
  • Development & Launch – Finally, the rubber hits the road. We turn the wireframes and real estate maps into reality. We test your site across numerous browsers and check responsiveness across all devices. Remember, once your site is launched, it’s still a living thing that can use constant care. We can monitor the site and provide analytics and measurements that let us know ways to keep it working smoothly for you.

Some of our recent work includes: Baptist Health, Be Pro Be Proud, Cromwell Architects, No Barriers Warriors2Summits, Rival Systems, Cherokee Office of Economic Development, and Becoming John Marin.

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