Social Media

Your customer service department.

Social Media – the ambassador, word-spreader, customer service representative and client conversion support of your brand. As a social media marketing agency in Arkansas and Chicago we have performed social campaigns that have reached over 50 million people across the globe. 

A good social media plan acts as a nexus of all your media efforts, combining daily content and community management into easily accessible and interactable posts. As social media experts, we understand that unlike traditional media, it’s not a one-way conversation. There are many facets to a solid social media plan. It’s not just, “Post it and they will come.” That’s why we provide numerous social media services to our clients.

  • Real-time customer/client engagement. When a customer interacts with you through one of your social channels, it’s an opportunity to make a customer for life. The more immediate, the better.
  • Social Trust strategies. Expanding and attracting individuals who have never heard of you through their most trustworthy sources (their friends, family and colleagues).
  • Quality customer/client retention. People who have self-selected and chosen to listen to/follow you are your best brand ambassadors. We implement strategies that keep them engaged and appreciated.
  • Customer service insights and resolutions. Utilizing your strengths and remedying your weaknesses based on feedback from your customers.
  • Social tracking. We can determine which types of content perform better than others, where users went after engaging with a social post, supportive conversions and more. Then use this data to continually improve the social interactions with you customers.
  • Greater audience insights. help you understand who your target audience actually is; not just a made-up persona.
  • Promotions and service testing that provide the ability to test new promotions or other product/service offerings without spending more money on an entire campaign of digital and printed products.

Stone Ward has created social campaigns for our clients ranging in industries from personal care to retail, fast food, and entertainment, all of whom have experienced growth in reach and engagement across all of their social platforms.

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