Environmental Design

Your brand doesn't stop at the ads.

A good brand is a consistent and welcome presence in the lives of all of its audiences. Surrounding employees or customers with your brand is what our environmental design process is all about.

We believe that creating a consistent and welcoming environment is just as important to building a strong customer relationship as our advertising campaigns. Whether it’s a full red, white and blue experience at the next US Soccer home game, or designing a booth at your next convention, surrounding employees and customers with your brand is what our environmental design process is all about. It works to build excitement and culture.

  1. Space Planning and Large Scale Graphics: The physical environment has an enormous impact on comfort, engagement and productivity. Our team begins by understanding the space in its entirety, and then designs a customized, customer journey from start to finish. We have experience working with architects, engineers and sign companies to make sure the final product creates the best possible brand impression.
  2. Signage and Displays: Our team has experience designing for brands to build excitement, for wayfinding, and for informational purposes. We have created displays for trade shows, branded workplaces, bus shelter posters and more. Putting up graphics is easy, but where we really shine is by designing for the user experience and making sure our client’s brands are meeting a customer need.
  3. Video and Interactive Content: Some of the most powerful brand experiences are immersive – when customers are invited to interact with your brand. Through videos, digital interfaces or gamification, a static brand experience can become a dynamic one! Having a video production company and a team of interactive designers in-house means the creative vision is unlimited and can be executed seamlessly.

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