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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing – Personalized. Dynamic. High conversion rates.

CRM is the process of managing, tracking, and engaging a database of contacts through the use of email marketing which has evolved drastically over the past decade, with the ability to create personalized, automized content that is relevant to your audience. A strong CRM plan involves a seamless synchronization between your database and the messages that they receive. 

Stone Ward offers the following CRM Marketing services in our Arkansas and Chicago offices:

  • Contact Scrubbing: Ensuring you can reach customers with emails is the first step in creating a strong CRM campaign. We ensure that the databases you provide to us are scrubbed of suspicious and outdated emails. Taking this step allows us to keep your domain whitelisted by Google and ensures you can reach your maximum potential of relevant clients.
  • Contact Segmentation: Our CRM department offers list segmentation. Separating your clients into different lists will allow for more customized and relevant emails, ensuring you can send the right message to the right prospect no matter where they are in the sales pipeline.
  • Email Automation: By segmenting lists, we can create flowcharts where your clients automatically are sent emails based on their previous actions, preferences, or status updates. These campaigns free you from worrying about getting the necessary number of touches while also providing a personalized experience through the sales pipeline for your customers.
  • Dynamic Email Content: When it comes to creating personalized, relevant content for your customers, it can be difficult to do this at scale. With dynamic email content we are able to send one email with images, content and links that change based on which platform your customer is viewing it (desktop, phone, etc.). This dynamic content allows us to save hundreds of hours of your time while creating the experience your customers desire.

We have provided our CRM marketing services to great clients in Arkansas and Chicago, ranging in industry from healthcare to retail, including Baptist Health,  Sissy’s Log Cabin and more.

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